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Come to your Census 2020

2020 Census Timeline Most households in the country will receive invitations to complete the 2020 Census beginning in mid-March. For the first time, you can choose to respond to the census online—in addition to responding by phone or by mail. In May 2020, census takers will begin following up with households that haven’t responded on […]

‘9 pm routine’ promotes crime-prevention habits

9pm Routine

Even a casual observer of news reports will have noticed recent stories about motor vehicle break-ins, sometimes repeated incidents in the same neighborhoods. While these incidents are vigorously investigated, local Police Departments are convinced there is more that residents can do to protect their vehicles and home. What started out as a local Florida effort […]

Report an Accident or Construction on Google Maps

Road Closed

If you are aware of an accident or construction zone creating a lane or road closure, you can report it on Google maps. This will help ease traffic around the scene as Google will re-route people away from the affected area. Not everyone uses Google Maps, but those that do will thank you. (I always […]